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The Strange Side of Fully-Funded Athletic Scholarships

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Athletic scholarships can provide student-athletes with an opportunity to pursue their passion while earning a college degree. However, fully-funded athletic scholarships have some strange benefits that are not well-known. Let’s dive into the strange side of fully-funded athletic scholarships.

  1. Free Gear and Swag

Fully-funded athletic scholarships may provide students with free gear and swag. This can include everything from uniforms, shoes, and practice gear to team-issued clothing and accessories. Some student-athletes may even receive custom gear, such as personalized shoes or workout clothes.

  1. Nutrition and Wellness Support

Some fully-funded athletic scholarships offer nutrition and wellness support. For example, the University of Oregon’s sports nutrition program provides student-athletes with personalized nutrition plans, cooking classes, and access to a sports nutritionist. This support can help student-athletes maintain their physical health and perform at their best.

  1. Career Opportunities

Fully-funded athletic scholarships can also provide student-athletes with career opportunities. For instance, some student-athletes may have the opportunity to work for their university’s athletic department after they graduate. This can include positions such as coaches, recruiters, or administrative staff.

  1. Travel Opportunities

Fully-funded athletic scholarships may also provide student-athletes with unique travel opportunities. For example, some student-athletes may have the chance to travel internationally to compete against other teams or participate in cultural exchanges. This can broaden their horizons and provide them with unforgettable experiences.


Fully-funded athletic scholarships offer student-athletes the chance to pursue their passion and earn a college degree. However, these scholarships also have some strange benefits, including free gear and swag, nutrition and wellness support, career opportunities, and travel opportunities. These benefits can help student-athletes succeed in their athletic and academic careers, while providing them with unique experiences that they will never forget.

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